Tracie – 3

When Tracie was nine years old, our nation was celebrating the Bi-centennial. With my work in broadcasting and with her out-going personality, she and I were asked to do a small narration (a father/daughter dialogue) in the John Peterson/Don Wyrtzen musical, “I LOVE AMERICA”.

My mother and father were there, as well as my wife and son. It was a heart-stirring moment, with hundreds of voices in a community choir and the musicians performing such patriotic music. And, my daughter and I doing our little acting part in the production. God and country; patriotic and religious music! What a time!! It made the heart swell up with pride in being an American! The last of my narration included Jesus’ words in Revelation: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hears My voice, and opens the door, I will come in to him and will sup with him, and he with Me.”

It was at this time that God was preparing me for the rest of my life! Because,something happened that summer. I suddenly had a desire to know Him better…to sup with Him, to serve Him. I had, over the years, become an Elder in our church, was a Sunday school teacher, Sunday school superintendent, and all the other important roles in the church! But, even that didn’t provide that closeness to the Lord for which I was searching.

Later that summer, Sherri’s mother, Dot, from whom our family had become estranged for several years because of some differences related to our business, asked to come, with another lady, to visit us. I agreed, and that night they shared ‘Jesus’ with us…in a way that I never knew possible (which they called ‘the Baptism in the Holy Spirit’). They told us how you can actually have a ‘real’ personal relationship with Him, and be empowered to serve Him, and do the things He did… heal the sick, cast out demons, even raise the dead! And, they told how you could talk to Him in a heavenly ‘language’, that only Jesus and God could understand. They told us so many things about which we were ignorant. Then, they invited us to go to our (Presbyterian) pastor for confirmation of what they said.

I did, and he did! And, upon my request, the pastor prayed for the infilling of the Holy Spirit to come upon me. And, from that day till this, this Jesus-person who was just so much history to me, became a living, personable, loving part of my life (my wife, Teresa, went the next day and received likewise!). In fact, He has become my whole life! My desire is to always serve Him.

All of this because of the persistence of a pre-school girl for her parents to go with her to church! God can use anyone to reach you, and He used my daughter, and the pageantry and the heart-throbbing “God Bless America” music of the Bi-centennial to prepare my heart enough to want to spend time searching Him out!

{Footnote: Teresa & Daniel True were ordained as Ministers in September, 1995, in Orlando, Florida}

Tracie accepted Jesus as her Lord when she was around 11 years old, in that same Presbyterian Church.

Tracie had the normal childhood illnesses, as do many. We took her regularly for checkups (as we did her brother). But, there was nothing of any significance to ever show up. She had all the regular shots and immunizations.

When she was fifteen years old, and just going into high school, I changed jobs. I applied and had been accepted for a position with a new Christian television station that was to be built in Cocoa, Florida. Well, you can imagine the trauma that must have been for this freshman – – – having to pack up and move away from all her friends, her new school, her church (at that time we were going to a non-denominational church in a neighboring town).

I came to Florida a month before my family moved down. While I was there, Tracie went swimming and twisted her spine which required treatment by a doctor. Soon afterward I went home and brought the family to Florida. Two months later, after being treated for a back (vertebrae) problem, it was diagnosed that she had cancer and that she needed immediate treatment! It seems that the cancer had settled in her right hip joint and had honey-combed the bone.

Here we were…in a strange place (in Orlando), with the doctors speaking words of doom and gloom! Since we had just come out of a church which had intense study on the rights (authority) of the believer, we called on our Savior, on behalf of our daughter.

We would not let the medical team (doctors, nurses, etc.) even speak the word ‘cancer’ to her, although we told her as much in different words. We concentrated on God’s Word, and not the medical words. We looked up and spoke every scripture on healing. We got a minister’s (Hagin) tape of healing scriptures and had the tape playing day and night, over and over. We infused into the very atmosphere of the hospital God’s pre-eminence over any situation. In short, we put our total trust in the Lord, to deliver her from this situation!

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