*== Supervisor to Homeland Security, “Hey boss, we’re expecting 50,000 infants from Moldavia at our Southern Border. Should we open our mass storage site of baby formula or just swipe clean the shelves in all the drug stores, like before?”

Alternative Energy

There has been much talk in the past 10 years regarding the continued use of non-replaceable fuel, primarily petroleum. These talks are sparked by those who promote the Green agenda and their attempts to glean mega-dollars from primarily this Nation in order to further their docket.

At the same time, using new technologies developed during the Trump term, more than enough non-replaceable but virtually non-polluting to the atmosphere fuel (such as natural gas and hydraulic fracturing), we  became self-sufficient in our energy needs – so much that we exported it, increasing our GNP as well as lowering our costs at home.

Then, uninformed (stupid?*) voters elected to Congress a handful of Socialist-minded individuals who immediately began to impose socialism upon the more than 330,000,000 American citizens. It remains as to how far this will go but it seems that they are making inroads (as shown in recent polls).

You’re Home – Now What?

As tours of duty are completed and you didn’t extend, you find yourself back among those who love you. After a warm reception and a time of “catching up”, you realize that you need to find employment and adjust to civilian life. But where do you turn? Your old job may have been filled or eliminated. You have a new skill set but where in civilian life do you find the need for a howitzer operator?

Fortunately, there are a number of governmental as well as private groups that are available and more than willing to help you find a place. In the high-tech digital world in which we live you may be amazed to learn that skills you used in military service can be merged into similarly related areas of business and occupations. Some of those agencies are listed here:


US Department of Veteran Affairs Crisis Hotline

Planning for Life after Discharge

Transition to Civilian Life

Mesothelioma Resources

Surviving Spouses Resources

Best Jobs for Returning Service Members


Other interesting articles can be found at The Military Guide.


Thank you for your service and – welcome home!




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