Empathize With Our Enemy ???

Chamberlain and Hitler in MunichWell, the Queen of Washington and Presidential wannabe has uttered yet another ignorant statement. Or was Hillary only speaking her heart?

A few days ago, the former Secretary of State, in addressing a questionable audience, stated that we need to “empathize” with our enemy – ISIS – or any of the many forms of radical Muslims who are hell-bent on destroying not only this Nation but Christians, Jews and any unbelievers (infidels, in their holy book). 

Perhaps the learned madam doesn’t understand the meaning of that word – “be understanding of” or “sympathize”. Hilly, how can we be sympathetic with a cult that has as a primary goal to kill us all?

This attitude is nothing new. Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister (before Winston Churchill) between 1937 and 1939 praised Hitler  and forged an agreement with the tyrant assuming that there would be a peaceful relationship between the two nations. However, Hitler had as part of his land-grabbing docket, the complete overthrow of the government of England. As a result, the blitz on London in 1940-41 resulted in the deaths or injury of 139,000 Brits, mostly civilians; women and children.

Be understanding of” –  “sympathize” with our enemy? I think not. As the cliche goes, “history DOES repeat itself“.

Hey Muslims; those are not virgins but angry Virginians who died for our country who will confront you in the hereafter.

As a Nation, we need to WAKE UP! We don’t need yet another President who cow-tows to the very ones who are trying to bring down our country.


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