NO – not that kind of surfing!! I mean, instructions on getting around on this WEB site.

There’s a lot to see and  is constantly being modified and increased, so you may want to come back often, including to this page, to see what has been added.

First of all, you will want to read the “My New WEB Site” from the RSS button at the top. That will show you what I’m trying to do here. Be SURE to click on the Read-more . . . button for it will take you to the next page and the continuation/finish of that article.

On many pages you will see a red underlined link. Any time you see one of those, click on it for it will take you to a special place that is associated with what you are reading. An example is: that will take you, obviously, to the KingsWay site. In all cases, when you click on the top Left arrow, you will return to the page  from where you started.

Always have the volume turned up to a comfortable level for I use sounds generously.


Near the top of the Home page, you will see the “Featured  Area.” This is a slideshow of the various periods in my life. Naturally, you will want to start with #1, since that is the beginning! First, a banner will pop up at the bottom displaying a brief label for the picture. If you click on the picture it will take you to a page that will give you a more complete, short story, if you will, of that aspect of my life. Large black arrows on either side of the picture will appear as you drag your mouse over it. You can go right or left to get to the page # you want.

The “About” title at the top will give you some other, various info about – you guessed it – ME!

“Flowers” is a gallery of photos that Teresa and I have taken. Go there and it will describe what you will be looking at. The first page is a photo book of each pix. There are six pages of flowers.

If you care, click on the “[Show pictures list]” and you will see pages of  all the pictures in the slide show. By default  the slides will be displayed, one at a time every 5 seconds, in full size and with soothing  “mood music for watching the flower garden” sounds playing in the background (there’s 18 minutes of sound effects)!

You will then see the “True COA” tab at the top. That will take you to an explanation of our True family Coat of Arms. This is the same that you may have seen on my “book” link on this site.

At the top right you will see the Banner Ad for my story about “Tracie”. All should read it; it’s free, and it will change your life OR at least your perspectives about adoption and abortion.


On the Sidebar at the right, starting at the top, you will find a bar with links to the various “Social Networking” sites, like Twitter, FaceBook, etc. I am on all of them!

Under that are four blocks with various Links and References. By clicking on any of them, you will be taken to an additional page that will describe each of them. These are very interesting and you should take a look at them.

Recent Posts” and “Calendar” should be self explanatory! You can go to any of the listed posts by clicking on this menu OR you can get to them from the RSS Feed button at the top of the page.

The pictures of Teresa and Tracie should also be self-explanatory; read about them under the “Remember” cross button.

Finally, there is the logo for KingsWay that, by clicking it, you will be taken to that site.

I hope you find this site – – – –  interesting – – – – – !  Come back often as this place is “fluid”.

Thanks for stopping by.