The Story of Tracie

Alternative to Abortion

Tracie True(This story is available for (pdf) downloading (FREE!) as a booklet by going to TRACIE)

At the time this report is being written (April 1989), the U. S. Supreme court will have reviewed the 1973 ruling (Roe vs. Wade) which was tantamount to making abortion in the United States legal. Many concerned citizens, Christian and otherwise, who see the moral wrong in murdering living, but as yet, unborn babies, have been doing all within their capabilities to thwart such slaughter and influence a change in the ‘Law of the Land’.

Many have written their legislators, picketed, and even been involved in ‘civil disobedience’ by blocking entrances to abortion clinics…whatever they can do to stop abortion.

I am strongly against abortion as this story shows; there are a lot of us out there who would be overjoyed to have the opportunity to take in the unwanted children, rather than see them made into cosmetics or suffer some other gruesome fate. But, we have to make our voices heard as best we can.

In the type of employment in which I am involved, civil disobedience (or any felonious act) would be grounds for dismissal, since we are a contractor for the U. S. government, and I don’t believe that it would serve my family for me to sacrifice my job. However, I DO have a story to tell about the benefits of adoption in lieu of abortion, and I tell it in this short biography of my daughter.

The intent of this is not to change the Law of the Land; people will be involved in abortion with or without the covering sanction of the Court. My purpose is for some scared teenager or woman who would be “inconvenienced” in raising a child to read this account and let someone raise the child for her, by going full term and offering the child for adoption.

She can only be ‘blessed’ by God, as I am sure the mother of my adopted daughter will be when she stands before God on the day of Judgment, and He recognizes her for the things her daughter accomplished in the name of the Lord!

May God bless the reader and the hearer of this story.


Many thanks to all who assisted in the compiling, editing and ‘proofing’ of this story…Larry, Brenda, Derwin, Pat, Pati, Johnny, Peggy, and others who helped to make this legible and understandable!

And, most especially, my wife Teresa, my son Marty, and the ‘cast of hundreds’ who make up our natural family and the family of God, who knew and loved my ‘daughter’.


Daniel M. True

April 28, 1989

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