KingsWay Ministries is Back on Line!

KingsWay Christian Ministries, Inc. began operation in Florida in 1996 following the ordination & licensing of Daniel and Teresa True, two of the co-founders. That same year we launched the KingsWay WEB site. The original site had an extension of ORG which we used for 17 years. However, following several times of relocating, especially after the death of Teresa, the domain service lost our address. Since we didn’t receive a renewal notice, the previous site fell into expiration and by the time we noticed that a mid-Eastern party had grabbed the site, it was too late!

So, after a time of assessing our needs and the mission, the North Carolina ministry was established (it was then that it was noticed that the old WEB address was gone). So, to retain, as best we could, the old one to which many had become accustomed, we selected the old name with the NET extension. Close, but it will take a period of time until our former  visitors “find” us.

Lesson learned, we will be more guarded about securing ownership of the site BEFORE it expires!

The new site is

Living and Dying

(Editor’s Note: While the KingsWay Ministries site is down – from virus attack, articles that would have been posted to that site will appear here).

flowersFor some reason there have been a number of deaths and subsequent funerals after the first of the year and especially since the start of summer. This “trend” always brings up questions and doubts. Hopefully the following article will be able to shed some light on this situation:

Living & Dying

(Reprint from a previous posting on KingsWay).

Some of the most concerning (and objects of worry) are the questions of “how long will I live” and “when can I expect to die”? We all know of babies who, for some reason or another, die shortly after being born or after just a few short years of life. Yet we also know of some who live into their hundreds of years. So, what is the real answer to these questions?

Well, the answer can be deduced from Bible passages. After the fall from grace of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, they were suddenly in a barren desert to fend for themselves. As part of the “curse”, they were also expected to produce children, primarily to help them to survive (helping hands) the demands of life outside the Garden.

As time went on, more and more children populated the earth. At first there was no “limit” to one’s age; many of the people of those early days lived several hundreds of years. Methuselah, the oldest recorded life, survived to the ripe (?) old age of 969 years.

Perverted English Language?

DunceI was NOT the brightest candle on campus while in high school. Most of my contemporaries knew that. And, my worst subject was English (that’s what we called it back in the Stone Age). I could barely spell my name much less tackle conjugation and all that other stuff. So, I finagled my way out of those classes and substituted Glee Club or Home Economics in place of English (and Math).

Much to my chagrin, in the 53 years of gainful employment, nearly ALL my jobs required me to know and use Math and English!  So, in order to survive in those fields I had to self-teach myself, since as a dunce, I didn’t avail myself of those very subjects that were taught in school. I managed to come through okay. Still it was a substantial struggle.

Having established the groundwork, I feel that I need to address some issues that I have and still am exposed to in today’s society – few people use correct English – in speaking and in writing!

I’m Gone From Facebook

nofaceWell, I’m fed up with Facebook and it’s ultra-slanted political positioning! A few days ago I posted a link to my article on “Crusade Against Christians“, which is a critical report about OUR Nation not going to the aid of those who are being slaughtered.

As I have done in the past (and incidentally, others post links that are not only politically sensitive but both profane and “R” rated) I posted a link to my article. Well, it stayed on Facebook for about 10 minutes and then it was removed. After noticing that, I re-posted it and, again, it was removed.

I followed that up with a simple text posting stating that Facebook had removed (the link to) my article. In 12 minutes THAT was removed as well.